Attorneys. Social Workers. Advocates.

Meaningful access to justice requires meaningful access to resources.

Types of Items We Fund


  • Busses or trains
  • Car repair
  • Train tickets
  • Ride assistance


  • Laptops
  • Summer School
  • School supplies
  • Job training


  • Emergency rent
  • Utility expenses
  • Beds and other furniture
  • Security deposits


  • Camps
  • Activities
  • Sports
  • Hobbies

Basic Necessities

  • Emergency clothing
  • Emergency food cards
  • Baby needs
  • Safety needs

Other Supports

  • Visitation needs
  • Therapeutic needs
  • Motivational tools
  • Identification cards

Who can Apply

All applications for OCH assistance must be made by professionals in the field.
(Attorneys, Social workers, CASA, child advocates or other verifiable providers)

How to Apply

Essential Information

  • Be ready to answer these Important Questions to get the fastest assistance.
  • Read OCH’s Eligibility Criteria.
  • Review our Gift Card Policy.
  • Our goal is to respond by the next business day.
  • Do not submit more than 2 applications at a time.
  • Once application is approved, we work together to figure out the most responsible way to pay.


  • All applications must be submitted online.
  • You will get an automated response immediately after applying.
  • If your matter is extremely urgent, text 617-930-3468 after you apply online.
  • We always respond by the next business day, so please watch for emails.
  • If you do not hear back, check your spam. For assistance, email
  • Assistance up to $1000 (not cash) is possible if it will really ignite positive change.
  • Our gift card policy can be found here.
  • Always use your application’s unique reference number whenever you reach out to us.
  • All responses must go through the internal links (the portal) provided in our emails.


  • Once approved, all receipts needed for reimbursement must be uploaded into the portal.
  • Receipts should be submitted within 21 days of approval whenever possible.
  • Reimbursements are sent after we receive receipts verifying proof of expenditures.
  • We can only provide payments or reimbursements to you or a vendor, never to clients.
  • We can order and pay directly for most items upon request (tax-free).
  • We cannot reimburse for any expenses incurred prior to the application’s approval.
  • We cannot reimburse for any expenses greater than the approved amount.

Feedback and Follow-up

We really appreciate hearing from you!

Thank-you cards or emails explaining the impact of this assistance from you or your clients are extremely helpful for our fundraising appeals and foundation grant applications.

Thank you for working with OCH to help your underserved clients succeed.

Ready to Apply?

Once you’ve reviewed the information and criteria above, and have the basic details needed, hit the button below to start your application!

Additional Helpful Resources

Domestic Violence

Food Resources

Fuel Assistance

Housing Issues and Shelters

Mental Illness and Cognitive Challenges

  • Advocates: Human services for individuals with autism, brain injuries, mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse issues
  • CASPAR Inc.: Homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness
  • Community Resources for Justice (CRJ): Housing throughout the state for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities
  • EMARC: Serves disabled individuals and their families throughout Middlesex county
  • Turning Point: Support to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Merrimack Valley and North Shore areas


Services Directed to Children & Teens

Substance Abuse

Additional Services

Suggest a Resource