Our Impact

We believe poverty should not prevent progress.

Advancing Equity and Justice


One Can Help provides the missing resources that make it possible to take that next positive step forward.

By quickly providing this assistance we not only better support our most vulnerable, we also advance equity and justice, because not having critical resources limits one’s ability to achieve positive outcomes, both in court and in life, for those held back by poverty.

Systemic racism

Unfortunately, people of color are disproportionately present in our juvenile court and child welfare systems. Many have been prevented from accruing wealth and accessing better opportunities for generations. By providing resources that are not available elsewhere, we help level the playing field so that poverty does not prevent any of our children and families from being able to achieve positive outcomes in the juvenile court or child welfare system.

OCH has provided over $1,500,000 in actual resources since 2006.

children and families across MA have been helped since 2006.

of the children and families OCH helps each year are of color.

is how quickly assistance can often be provided.


of applicants report that OCH assistance achieved its intended goal.

This is the ideal time to help

Children are in crisis.
Dedicated professionals are in place.
The only things missing are the actual resources needed to help them.

Quickly providing urgent assistance

Improves Difficult Lives

Baby in high chair

Purchasing a crib, bedding and diapers made it possible for the baby’s aunt to take him in rather than needing foster care.

Builds Better Futures

Girl graduating

Paying for a laptop and summer school helped a teen catch up with her academic work and graduate on time.

Advances Social Justice

Young man leaving his room

A bus pass and new clothes helped a youth get a job, complete court conditions and feel better about himself.

Our data

OCH is fortunate to have hard data in addition to anecdotes.  Our outcome studies confirm that providing targeted assistance not only dramatically improves lives, advances justice and saves the state money, it also keeps more families together, reduces the need for foster care, prevents homelessness and helps our juvenile court and child welfare system be more supportive, effective and equitable for all.