What We Do

By providing missing resources we improve lives, futures and justice.

What We Do

Creating systemic change

One Can Help (OCH) was created by juvenile court attorneys and social workers who wanted to make sure that poverty did not prevent the vulnerable children and families they worked with, from taking positive steps forward.

By providing urgently needed individualized resources, OCH tackles an enormous societal issue and helps level the playing field at the same time. Through a unique and innovative partnership with the juvenile court appointed attorneys, social workers and advocates who know exactly what their clients need to succeed right now, OCH is able to ensure that critical resources responsibly achieve their targeted goal.

We are unaware of other organizations that focus on addressing the link between poverty, equality and justice as we do.

How We Work

Quickly. Impactfully. Responsibly.

  • Only attorneys, social workers, and verifiable child advocates can apply.
  • All applications are screened by seasoned attorneys and social workers who understand the system.
  • All assistance provided must directly or indirectly benefit a child.
  • Eligibility for OCH assistance is based on standardized criteria that is applied as uniformly as possible.
  • No money is ever provided directly to the beneficiaries.
  • OCH pays for all items or services directly or through responsible intermediaries.

Attorneys. Social workers. Child Advocates.

OCH’s innovative approach only works because of the collaborative partnerships OCH has established with the dedicated juvenile court appointed professionals (attorneys, social workers and advocates) charged with helping vulnerable children and families. They know the unique problems their underserved client faces, what specific resource is needed, and whether that assistance is available elsewhere. When the professional sees a need that cannot be met elsewhere, they apply to OCH.